He had come to Berlin for the week for a bit of fun and adventure, because he was tired of the monotony of London. His flight touched down at Tegel Airport at 2pm and he then proceeded to make his way using the public transport to his AirBNB he had booked. He was pleased with the price he had gotten for the place, which was central and run by a pretty, young looking girl called Saskia. When he got there and rung the bell, she let him in with a beaming smile and he could see that she was indeed pretty; even more so than in her photo online. Her hair was cut into a fashionable Berlin cut, with the sides slightly shaved and her blond hair coming down in bangs around her face. She had blue, trusting eyes, and a naive look to her that told him she’d never been truly hurt; ‘must be nice’, he thought with resentment. After he had unpacked his stuff in his room she showed him to, he lay down on the bed to chill out for a bit and communicate with some friends at home. He didn’t know anyone in Berlin and had just come here on a whim with the hope of finding adventure in his boring, stale life. After a while, Saskia appeared at his doorway and said “hey, do you want to have some of the wine that’s in the fridge with me?”“Sure thing” he replied, enthused. He got up and went to the kitchen with her where she got out two glasses, and took an open bottle from the fridge.They proceeded to drink and smoke, chatting about themselves and life. They were getting on rather well, he felt. He thought he might be in here. Shewas definitely flirting with me, smiling a lot and continually topping up both their glasses until he was quite drunk. This is how to be a good host,he thought. If she fucks me, she really will be going the extra mile. After a while his nerve and confidence got the better of him and he leaned over and said,“you know, you really are a lovely girl” and put his hand on her knee. He leaned in to try and kiss her on the mouth, but she turned away with a look ofslight horror and awkwardness.“Oh, um thank you. That’s nice, but I have a boyfriend actually, who I am seeing tonight”“Oh I see”There was an awkward pause.“Nice girls like you always have boyfriends”She laughed awkwardly. She politely finished her wine in good time while they went back to talking, then swiftly made her way out the door to see her friends for the night. He went out a short while later, after going through her room and smelling her worn underwear.He visited a few different bars around a grassy square that night, and had a German beer in each of them, getting more and more drunk, and indeed more unhappy at his inability to strike up a conversation with anyone and his previous rejection by her. After his fourth beer, he got unsteadily to his feet and left the bar, deciding to make his way back to the house. Secretly, he hoped to see Saskia again and try to woo her better. He was in a dark, drunk mood on the walk back, and was telling himself in his head “stupid bitch, why wouldn’t she put out. Fuck her boyfriend, I would be a good boyfriend to her, she’s so lovely, and creative, and beautiful. Why can’t I talk to girls? I’m so fucking weird, I hate myself” and so on, all the way up to the door. He let himself in, and went inside. It was around 12.30am now. He walked down the hall and dumped his jacket on his bed, before looking at her now closed door. That was a pretty clear sign; she was probably asleep and wanted to be left alone. He opened the door anyway. Sure enough, there she was, lying on the bed, though the light was on and she was still dressed.“Hey” she said, with surprise as he came in uninvited and closed the door behind him“Hi there. Listen I just want to apologise for earlier” he said, not meaning it. He came down and sat on her bed as she got into a sitting positing, drawing her knees defensively to her chest. “I just think you’re nice and would really like a chance to make you happy”“Thank you. But look, I need to get to bed now, I need you to leave, this is my room”“Yes, but you are my host and should look after me. I don’t think that’s unreasonable” he said, putting out his hand to touch her leg again, this time grabbingit firmly. She didn’t say anything; she was clearly thinking how to defuse the situation and what to do. She smelled danger.He started stroking her leg, getting closer to her crotch.“Please… just leave. I need to sleep. I don’t want…” she said, her voice trembling.“I’m not so interested in what you want anymore. You should of thought about that before rejecting me”Their eyes met for a second. His full of fury and lust, hers full of fear.Then she tried to run for the door. She made it half-way off the bed, because his reactions were dulled by the alcohol, but he caught her arm and held on beforeshe could turn the door handle. He grabbed her from behind and dragged her backwards towards the bed. She screamed “HELP!!!” so he put his hand over hermouth and said“Now now, none of that or I’ll be forced to hurt you, and you wouldn’t like that. If you do what I tell you and co-operate this will be nice and easy, but if you fight me I’m going to have to punish you, understand?”She was still struggling helplessly against his grasp, her breathing fast and sharp with fear. She was trying to escape his grasp, but he was too strongand held her in place.“Don’t struggle or I’ll throttle you, got it?” he said, his breath in her ear.He threw her down onto the bed, and she tried to scream again, perhaps by instinct. He jumped onto her front, straddling her with his knees. He put his hand around her throat and squeezed hard. She started choking and gagging, looking up at his anger in a pleading, helpless way. He let go and she coughed and breathed heavily. He slapped her face and tears sprang to her sad eyes.“I told you not to resist” he said angrily. “I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if you don’t co-operate”She started crying, but she didn’t try to escape again or scream. Tears streamed down her face.“Ok bitch, let’s have some fun” he said, full of lust.He started rapidly unbuttoning her top, and turned her round so he could tug it off her, revealing her smooth skin and bra beneath. He then undid her brafrom the back, and took that off too while she whimpered and sobbed. The fight seem to have left her for now. His hands roamed all over her body as he lay ontop of her from behind, pushing his rapidly hardening dick between her legs, thrusting his crotch into her ass. He was whispering excitedly into her ear,as he kissed and bit her face from behind.“You and me are going to have a real good time baby, don’t you worry about that. You shouldn’t have fucking rejected me, you stupid bitch” he was enjoyingthe feeling of control over her, enjoying her helplessness against his superior strength.“I’m gonna fuck you so good and there’s nothing you can do about it. I’m gonna fuck your ass baby”She cried hard, as he licked her face and cruelly bent her arm upwards to an unnatural angle until she screamed in pain. He turned her around to face him, and her eyes were wet with tears as she tried to look anywhere except up at him.“Look At Me!” he said loudly, grabbing her face and turning it to his. Her eyes quickly looked into his.“Good girl” he said, creepily.He took off her bra and felt her tits, squeezing them in his hands and pinching her nipples. He then went back to kissing her body, this time on the front of the face and the neck.“Kiss me baby” he said, turning her unwilling face to him and pressing his lips to hers. She didn’t want to kiss him. He slapped her again in the face.“I said kiss me bitch!” and this time she hurriedly kissed him back as his tongue explored her mouth. His roving tongue then went down to her tits and he flicked it across the right one, squeezing her other nipple hard until she cried out.“Shut up” he said again. His other hand was between her crotch now, rubbing it with pleasure. Both their breathing was heavy. He undid her trousers and pulled them down, exposing her panties and soft legs. She struggled, but he held her down again on the bed, pressing against her with his weight. She couldn’t get him off despite her efforts and cries.“You’re going to be good to me baby” he said, as he took her underwear down as well, exposing her pussy. He looked down at it, it was nicely shaved withjust a little bit of strawberry-blonde hair above the clit.“Nice to see you made an effort for me” he said, laughing as she turned her face away in disgust. With the hand that wasn’t holding her arms, he took it and started roughly prodding his index finger into her. There was some resistance for a second as he tried to find her opening, but then with a bit of saliva on his finger he pushed his way into her as she let out an “ahhhh” of horror. It must feel weird, someone forcing their fingers into you, he thought. He started pushing his finger in and out of her, saying “yeah you like that don’t you bitch? Ooh you’re getting all wet for me baby, you love this”He moved his middle finger backwards more, forcing her legs apart with his knees and driving it into her asshole. She cried out at the invasion and sadinstinctively, “please stop! Someone please heeelpppp!”.“shut up” he said again, and he decided that it would be a good idea to gag her to stop any unnecessary noise. He took her panties and shoved them into hermouth, tying them around the back of her head. “If you take those out, I’ll smack you, got it?” he said, holding her chin with his hand in a dominating way.She nodded, the look of fear on her face palpable. He then took his face and brought it down between her legs, and despite her best efforts to push hishead away from her crotch, he started licking and sucking her pussy and asshole. “ooh yeah baby, oh yeah” he said, as she writhed around and moaned in unwilling pleasure, her hands gripping the bed-sheets tightly as he forced unwilling pleasure on her sex.He stopped after a few minutes, and removed his shirt. “Please don’t” she tried to say through the gag, but only muffled noises came out. She was crying harder than ever now as he exposed his chest to her. Then he took off his pants, and rubbing his crotch, his boxers, revealing his, big, hard cock.She cried out in anticipation of what he was going to do to her with it.“That’s right baby, this is all for you” and he climbed onto her chest, pinning her arms with his legs. He started rubbing his dick over her face, making itwet with pre-cum as she tried hopelessly to avoid him. He then slapped her in the face with his dick repeatedly while squeezing her throat again.She was helpless, completely at his will. He was going to do whatever he wanted with her all night, and she would just have to lie there and take whateverunjust punishment he saw fit to bestow upon her. And he knew just where to start.He took his crotch down to hers, humping his dick up against her pussy. She tried harder than ever to escape, but he just held her arms with his and laughed.“Fuck you bitch, I’m gonna fuck you and you’re not going anywhere!”He took one hand and guided his cock in line with her pussy as she struggled helplessly against the inevitable invasion that was about to begin.He pushed. His dick entered her pussy slightly, then with another big push it went all the way in in a very satisfying way for him that made him go “ahhh yeah” and her scream into her gag with horror and pain.He then started fucking her hard, pushing up against her, driving his dick into her with force. The unwilling juices she produced eventually provided the necessary lubrication in order for him to slip in and out of her with ease after a few minutes of struggling lustily to get the full length of his dick into her. He was pumping his dick into her pussy hard and fast now, driving it up to the hilt as she moanedand cried with each thrust. “Oh yeah baby, that’s so good, uh you’re so tight, and wet” he moaned, pressing his face to hers, seeing her terrified widened eyes.Her pussy however was getting too wet from the enthusiastic pounding it was receiving from his cock, so he was beginning to not feel it around his dick so nicely as before.Trembling with excitement and passion, he finally ceased his thrusting into her pussy and lay on top of her for a moment, breathing heavily as she cried endlessly.He then took himself out of her and flipped her over with a strong hand, nestling his dick comfortably between her ass cheeks, and starting to rub his wet cock up and down against her asshole. “I’m gonna fuck your ass baby” he said excitedly, getting his fingers and playing with her ass, opening it up to him. “ahh god you’re so fucking tight baby, you’ve got such a tight little ass. I’m gonna fuck it for you ok, you’ll like this” he said into her ear as he took his dick and pressed the tip against her asshole. She moaned into her gag in a hopeless way, then as he pushed again he managed to push the tip of his dick inside her, forcing her apart. On the third big push, he got a good few inches of his dick into her ass and he “ahhhh”d in pleasure as she screamed into her gag. He then started to fuck her ass gently for a few strokes, but rapidly gathered speed and intensity as he pushed more of himself into her deeper. “ahh fuck baby that’s so good” he said, feeling her tight ass clench around his cock as he pumped it in and out of her. He started to gather speed as she loosened up, until he was driving himself hard and fast into her as she screamed into her gag in painful protest. He wanted a better angle though, so holding her arms behind her back with one of his strong hands, he lifted her up onto her knees and held her there. His other hand pushed down on her back, arching it and forcing her ass into the air. He slapped it hard with an open palm and then guided his dick to over her asshole. Her legs were spread by his, her ass in the air waiting to be fucked by him; she was completely helpless. He pressed his dick back into her tight little hole and pushed forward gently. Both of them moaned as he did this; her in horror, him in pleasure. Then he started to gently fuck her again, ‘ahhh’ing with every thrust into her. He pulled her hair back with his free hand as he fucked her, forcing her head upwards and using it as leverage to push himself deeper into her. He licked her face with passion from behind, whispering to her “ahhh yeah baby, fucking take my dick in your ass. Take it bitch”
She lay there screaming into her gag, tears streaming out of her eyes as the stranger on her back relentlessly pounded his dick into her ass. She tried to push him off, but he was too heavy for her and she was trapped underneath his thrusting. Her hands instead gripped the bed-sheets so hard her knuckles turned white, trying to deal with the pain that he was inflicting upon her. The pounding got faster and deeper, each thrust causing her to cry out. He was now approaching climax, she could hear it in his breathing. He was pounding her so hard now, holding onto her arms in a vice-like grip as his wet dick pounded in and out of her tight ass with great speed. With one final “ahhhhhhh” he thrust it in to the balls and ejaculated his semen deep in her ass. She cried harder than ever as she felt his thick liquid fill her ass and his body collapse onto hers as his dick went soft. “You’re my bitch now, baby” he said quietly in her ear, “your ass belongs to me, I’ve made my mark on it”. He then withdrew his dick from her ass, leaving the now gaping hole winking at him as she tried in vain to repair the damage. His cum leaked out of her ass and onto the bed as she lay there, making a quiet squeaking noise. She was petrified, in the grips of post-rape, freezing her body as her mind recoiled in horror. He finally got off her, leaving her there naked and exposed, legs apart, ass still gaping as her face was buried in the bed sheets. He lay there panting, and smoked a cigarette as they both recovered from this initial attack.
“Where do you think you’re going?” he said. “Oh god”, she moaned in terror. He grabbed her from behind as she made a valiant dive off the bed, catching her in his arms. With one strong arm he held her in place, and with the other he placed his hand over her pussy, rubbing her vagina enthusiastically, shoving his fingers painfully into her. She moaned against her will, but he unrelentingly rubbed her and pushed his fingers into her pussy, as he kissed her neck from behind and felt her breast. She was weeping, completely beaten, unable to ever cease the continual assault on her body, she had almost lost the will and given into him. But there was no fairy-tale lust for her rapist, she merely felt horror and disgust, which was shown continually on her face, along with pain and humiliation. After a few minutes of him finger fucking her, he turned her around and pushed her onto the bed. She tried to get up, but he smacked her across the face with an open palm and her head hit the bed again as she fell back, feeling dazed and shocked. “You’ll stay still and do what I say if you don’t want another smack” he said threateningly. She looked scared. Suddenly he reached out and grabbed her throat with his hand, squeezing her windpipe with force as she choked and spluttered for air. “Tell me you understand!” he shouted at her, and she tried to talk, plead with him as he strangled the life out of her. She nodded feverishly that she understood but he didn’t let go of her; he was enjoying this feeling of total power over her. She was clawing helplessly at his hands, her eyes pleading with him to let her live. “Maybe I should just kill her now”, he thought, “and cum all over her face as I choke the life out of her”. He started stroking his dick at this thought, wanking passionately as he got himself excited again. She started to turn a reddish-blue colour due to a lack of air reaching her lungs. She was slowly dying, and the resistance had left her now; she had no more fight in her and her eyes were gazing up at the ceiling. He masturbated over her face, wiping pre-cum over her face with the tip. “No, not yet” he thought, “I want to have some more fun first” So eventually he then let go of her throat and she coughed, gasping for air as she felt the grateful rush of fill her lungs. “Dyu like that baby?” he said cruelly as she lay, shaking and gasping on the bed. “Now, you gonna do what I say?” she didn’t reply, but instead whimpered and cried, covering her face helplessly. He grabbed her andturned her around to face him, “I ASKED YOU A QUESTION BITCH!” he shouted at her. “Yes, yes!” she cried in terror, “I’ll do what you want, just please don’t kill me” she said in a shaking voice. “That will depend on how well you comply” he said with a nasty smile. He slapped her around a bit gently. “You got a boyfriend baby, don’t you” he asked. “Yes” she said after some hesitation. “you suck his cock” “sometimes” she said, turning her face away. “good” he said, “well I want you to suck my cock like you would your boyfriend, I want you to convince me that you love it, otherwise I’ll choke the shit out of you, got it”“Ok” she said, tears filling her eyes again. But a certain survival instinct had taken hold and she wiped the tears away, looking ready to prove she wanted to live. “funny how the fear of death is such a useful tool for compliance” he thought, as he lay on his back. “Now, come here, you know what to do”. She did as she was told, and with her hands shaking, she started to rub her hand on his crotch as his dick grew largerat her touch. When he had grown large enough, she took him in her hand and started wanking him off gently as he moaned in pleasure, resting his head back on her bed. She continued to do this for a minute, getting gradually faster with her movements as she wanked him off with apparent enthusiasm. “Now put your mouth over it” he said. she hesitated, but not for long as she slowly lowered her head to be in line with his dick and put the tip of it tentatively in her mouth. She closed her eyes and started to bob her head gently, gradually getting another inch at a time in her mouth as she flicked her tongue around the head, causing him to moan in pleasure once more.
He then grabbed her head and started pushing her mouth further down his dick, causing her to gag. But he did not let go of her head, and she had little choice but to take his dick as best she could as he continued to force her mouth down over it, gathering speed. After a minute of face-fucking her hard, he let go of her head as cum and spit leaked out the side of her mouth. She was gasping for breath, tears streaming down her face as she lay there in a crumpled heap, trying to cover her face. He lay on his back, smiling and stroking his cock as he waited for her to recover. She cried and rocked back and forth. “Come on baby” he said gently. “No, please, I don’t want to. I don’t want to” she said between tears as he gently took her by the hair and forced her face back upwards to pay attention to his big, hard dick. He slapped her across the face with it a few times, wiping it around her face, and cum over her lips as he tried to force it back into her mouth, but she was being reluctant. He took her by the throat now and gave it an encouraging squeeze that made her part her lips enough for him to ram it back down her throat and resume the face-fucking. He was guiding her head up and down, with a tight grip on her throat and back of head as she spluttered and gagged on his dick. After a while, he let her withdraw again and she moved her face away from his lustful dick in disgust as he touched her breast. Without warning, he then jumped on her front, forcing her down to the bed and pinning her there with her arms under his knees. She struggled to move but couldn’t and he enjoyed seeing her helpless under him, his dick resting on her chin. He slapped her with an open palm a couple of times across the face, making him go fully hard again as she cried out. “Suck it bitch” he ordered, taking her by the chin and forcing his dick back into her mouth. Now he started face-fucking her brutally, with long hard unrelenting strokes. He was trying to get his entire dick in her, and she choked as he thrust it deep into her mouth, so that her mouth was thrust up against his pubes. He held her like this, and fucked her with just a few inches movement, pushing the tip down her throat repeatedly. She was suffocating so bad at this brutal invasion that she thought he might suffocate to death. The only thing that stopped this was breathing through her nose and doing her best to take the brutal assault; she didn’t have much choice. After a minute of this, he was shoving himself deep into her mouth with joyful thrusts as he approached climax. He then held her head hard as he came down her throat and into her mouth, finally releasing her and watching his cum leak out of her mouth as she collapsed backwards onto her bed.
“Lick it off” he ordered her, and after a second’s hesitation in which she received a slap, she quickly took his dick in her hand and sucked it clean of his cum as ordered. He then grabbed her by the hair again and pulled her up his body to lie in his arms. She was frozen like a statue, eyes wide in horror, not making a sound. She was covered in dry cum, and some blood from the ass raping. He held her close, wrapping his arms around her as he lay, now tired from the evening’s exercise. He slept with her caught in his arms and she didn’t dare move for risk of another beating. When he awoke an hour later, he raped her twice again before the sun rose. Then, he gathered his clothes and left her room, leaving her shaking on the bed. He left her house and went off to find a new accommodation. She never saw him again.
The End.
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