She saw he was in pain. She had just showered as he knocked on her door. Her husband away on business. Megan was 32 she had strawberry blonde long hair. 5 ft 10 Blue eyes and a fit and athletic size 14 with a beautiful tanned body and DD bust. She wore a Red lacy G String and matching bra hidden by her satin black and red gown. He told her of his breakup with his girlfriend she dumped him for another guy and at 17 he wasn’t used to breakups. She gave him a hug. Andy feeling his Sisters breasts on his cheek as he hugged her smelling her perfume. His hands on her hips. She felt horny. She had a good relationship with her brother but never in a sexual way. This felt different. They stopped hugging she poured him a drink. He admired his sisters figure and body.” You know what would help ” she said.” What ? ” he asked as they stood in the kitchen. She undid her gown dropping it to the floor standing in front of him in her underwear and bra. Her could see right through her lacy underwear and bra. She walked up to him putting her hand on his chest leaning kissing his cheek.” Come to the bedroom and make love to me “she said smiling at him. He followed her to the bedroom. She got in to bed pushing the covers back. She patted the bed telling him to get in. After a few minutes of reluctance she convinced him to undress to his underwear. He got in and they hugged. She kissed his lips rubbing his chest. ” Don’t be nervous ” she said. He rubbed her cleavage looking down at her breasts. She smiled at him and lay back as he kissed her cleavage his cock hard in his underwear. He slid his hand behind his sisters back and tried to unclip her bra with one hand. After a bit of trouble she sat up reaching behind undoing her bra throwing it to the floor. Dan admired her DD breasts her nipples caressing them as she lay back letting him suck her nipples and grope her breasts. He had one hand on her stomach she grabbed it pushing it to her groin opening her legs over her pussy. He rubbed over her underwear as he sucked her breasts. She took her hand away letting him rub her wet moist pussy. She groaned and moaned as he felt her up. His pulled her underwear down. She slid them off letting him explore her pussy with his fingers. He looked up kissing her lips she smiled at him. He kissed down her body to her pussy. He admired her pussy lips and lady bits. His sisters. His older married sister. He rubbed her pussy watching his fingers glide over her moist pussy. ” Put your fingers in ” she said groaning. He found the entrance to her vagina sliding his fingers deep inside her love tunnel. She groaned and slid a hand to her clit rubbing it. He knew about oral sex but had never done it. He leant in licking her clit tasting her sweet juices. as her finger fucked her. ” Shit ” she said ” don’t stop. ” He got braver opening her pussy lips with his other fingers licking deep inside her up to her clit as fingered her ” Fuck your better than my husband ” she said. He thought about her husband where he is pleasuring her. She groaned louder her body quivering as she yelled as she orgasmed. She pushed his head into her cunt as she stopped feeling her body relax. She lifted him up her body kissing his lips rolling him to his back. She sat up pulling his underwear down her younger brothers cock springing out she pulled them off dropping them to the floor grabbing his hard shaft stroking it. She slid her mouth down his cock sucking it hard. He moaned as his sister sucked him off. Minutes later he cum. He watched as she licked his juices up. She leant over him her breasts dangling over him. He caressed them as they kissed. She grabbed his cock playing with it. ” Going to fuck me ” she said.” Yes ” he replied as she slid back down his body licking his limp cock. Minutes later it hardened again. She slid her mouth back down his shaft. He watched her lips glide up and down his cock as she caressed his balls. She licked around his knob and stroked it then sat up straddling him. He admired her naked body on display. Her slim athletic body her strawberry blonde hair as she slid down his hard shaft groaning as her brothers cock entered her pussy. She slowly moved up and down feeling it inside her smiling at him as she did. She loved he was admiring her naked body. He licked his lips tasting her pussy juices on his lips. He knew every curve off his sisters pussy. She moaned as she sat back caressing her breast as she leant back her other hand on his knee riding her brother.
She knew she needed sex. She had been horny all day, her husband away she considered going out looking for a one night stand with a stranger. But her brother turning up on her doorstep was fantastic. ‘ What the hell ‘ she thought. She smiled down at him as she rode him feeling his cock deep inside her pussy. She got off and lay down. He got on top off her sliding his cock in her. He kissed her lips caressing her breasts as he slid in and out of her. He had always admired her his sexy sister he was sort of jealous of her husband fucking her sweet sisterly pussy. He never thought of incest but this felt good. Really good as he fucked her He heard her orgasm again. She told him to get off and follow her. They walked out of the bedroom to the kitchen. She got on to the bench opening her legs. He slid his hard cock inside her again as she sat back leaning on her arms. He watched his cock slid in and out of her pussy her pussy lips hugging his cock tight. ” Cum in your sister ” she said. Five minutes later he cum filling her with semen. She slid her hand to her clit rubbing it as his semen spilled onto the kitchen bench out of her pussy. He withdrew his cock. They went to the shower and showered together. They sat having a drink naked on the sofa. An hour later she straddled him again as he sat on the couch sliding his cock back in. He fondled her breasts as she rode him. Ten minutes later he cum in her again.
They showered again and he dressed and went home it was 9pm. He told his parents he had been at his sister’s. They said that was fine as if they asked she would say yes he was. Not that they had been fucking.


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