Hi I’m daisy, I’m 34 prostitute and in first story I told how my mom made me a slut and was my pimp at the age of 17. As time moved on we had a lot of regulars who loved the idea of mother-daughter fun. When I was 19 I had my first couple experience. This guy contacted my mom looking for someone to join him and his wife. My mom worked out a price for them. The guy wanted sex bareback, after my mom agreed but only cum over her body or in her ass. It was arranged for me to their house ( I’ve only had sex in our house and wasn’t sure about this ) but my mom said it’d be ok and reassured me it’d be fine. My mom drove us to the house, where we were met by both of them at door, he was tall skinny guy in tee shirt and jeans, about 25. She was about 5ft tall slim nice figure and small tits, she was wearing loose top and short skirt. Me well I had blouse on ( no bra ) skirt and stockings and higheels ( No pants ). Money was passed and my mom left. We had a couple of drinks to relax. I sat beside her, she was called Samantha ( her age 21 ), his name was Jim. I started to play with her hair, she seemed nervous which aroused me. Jim across from us watching as I kissed her lips and neck, I could feel her trying to talk to me, but I kissed her again more passionately she responded and it was like he wasn’t there. My hands was caressing her tits through her loose top as I kissed her, to keep him aroused I’d open my legs now and again given him flashes of my pussy ( his face looked like it was going to explode ), by now I had her top off and unclipped her bra. Her tits free wow she had great nipples, and started sucking them, teasing them with my tongue and biting them, she was moaning literally pushing my head on top of them. He had his cock out and was fondling his cock hard. I removed my top and made her suck my tits, she was now so aroused I could have done anything to her. Sliding my hands up her skirt I rubbed her pussy through her soaking pants, then pushed her on her back ( I surprised myself and ripped her pants off ), I began licking her out and fingering her, suddenly I felt a tongue on my asshole, he was trying to push his tongue inside my bum, oh yes I screamed tongue my hole. Samantha was cumming over my face, she tasted so nice. Fuck that whore’s ass she demanded her husband. Then I felt his cock push in my bum, o fuck I screamed as she forced my head between her legs again he was pounding my ass deep and hard. Once he pulled out we swapped rolls her eating my pussy while her husband fucked her wet twat. I had at least 2 orgasms while she fingered and ate me, we fucked for another hour. The atmosphere was electric, her husband even fucked her ass ( first time you could tell ), he went back to fucking me again hard as I licked her cum filled pussy, he shouted I’m going to cum again, I shouted stick it in my ass, but she stopped him cum in the whore’s pussy, I felt him cum big inside me, it was like he had saved it all. For me. We lay there shattered, she kissed him and me then stuck finger inside me and licked it, she asked me if I was on the pill. No I replied no guy cums inside me, she whispered into my ear I hope you fall pregnant then kissed me again. My mom arrived and went crazy when she found out he cum inside me and asked for more money. They paid and we left ( my luck the only guy who cum inside me got me pregnant ). My mom said I’d be popular now men love pregnant girls. She was right, in the next 4 months guys fucked my pussy and ass senselessly, as my stomach grew my tits became big and very sensitive. One guy wanted to milk me dry and cum in my mouth, ass and pussy. Another paid my mom to fuck me doggy style with strapon, then suck milk from my tits. The couple who got me pregnant paid for another session. So when I arrived and they saw me standing there pregnant they offered double the money for night with me. They were loving and gentle with me, fucking me and eating my pussy, the best part was when she started to suck my tits it felt sore but nice. When it came to fucking me he cum in my pussy. We lay there all shattered when mom arrived to pick me up. She said you sit there Daisy I’d be back, went into another room with the girl, next thing I heard screaming. I opened door there was Samantha on all fours and my mom pounding her ass with strapon, her husband was watching and when she finished and said that’s how you fuck ass and we left. I’m still a prostitute and so is my mom, but my daughter we protect her from all this.

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