It was in a pub, down in the centre of town that I was introduced to Avril. My Mistress (Amelie) and her lover Garfield took me there, wearing my control collar beneath my open necked shirt. Mistress seemed excited, curious and by turn a little nervous. Yet that morning I had no inkling just why that was. How long had it been now? Three years since she started dating Garfield, nearly two since she had divorced me and had Garfield move in. Well over a year since I had first started wearing the collar. I think that they had been designed to control animals. Well, they worked just as well on humans. Had the old time slavers had them then they would have got a deal more work out of the plantation workers before they dropped from exhaustion.
Mistress came into my quarters that morning, when it was still cold and dew lay on the grass. I opened my eyes expecting a posting. She sometimes did that to reinforce discipline, before I had quite woken. But not this morning. She wore the dark chocolate leather jeans and boots and the slouch belt with the brass buckle rubbing against her crotch. She wore the caramel coloured silk blouse and a determined expression.
‘You’re going to the Anchor this morning, ‘ she said curtly, ‘and you will be bred for the week.’
I blinked at her. She had spoken softly, so I might have misheard. The idea at least seemed…well…it seemed incredulous. My experience of the capitulated life had been exactly the opposite. My mistress had conceived with  Garfield and there was now a little Princess in the house that a nanny cared for. I hadn’t fucked anything, let alone a woman in several years.
‘We’re putting you to a little bitch called Avril’ she continued crisply, ‘she’s owned by some friends of ours. The first born will be raised to serve in their household and the next will be brought here. Do you understand?’
I stared at her. I stared wide eyed. My mistress always had several collar remote controls, one hanging from her slouch belt another on her car key fob. It was easy to ‘light me up’. Her fingers hadn’t moved though, they hadn’t strayed to the control. She wanted me to understand my duties.
‘Avril is very biddable, you have become much the same, so we will breed you’ Mistress said, and this time I was meant to respond, her eyes said so.
‘Yes miss’ I answered politely.
There was a hierarchy of responses and Amelie knew. ‘Yes Miss’ signalled compliance by uncertainty. ‘Yes Mistress’ inferred abject and complete submission. She knew that her latest instruction seemed strange, even daunting to me.
Mistress dropped a photograph of the biddable Avril on my bed. Her face was reasonably pretty, but she was a bit plump. The girl was dressed in a sensible skirt and wore a apron about her waist. She didn’t look as if she had much self esteem or spirit. But then, I realised, that was exactly to point. Other alpha couples imported their ‘workers’, but there was merit in developing a compliant breeding stock. The little Princess would expect to have slaves too.
‘Do you want her?’ Mistress asked.
I looked again at the photo. No.
‘Yes Mistress’ I answered as best I could. My Mistress nodded and took from her designer shoulder bag a crumpled up pair of silk panties. She didn’t say so, but I inferred that Avril had worn these. I was handed them and with the merest look of instruction I started to sniff them. There was certainly female scent on them.
‘You will fuck her till she falls pregnant’ Mistress said, adding that trips to the Anchor, a neutral ground with rooms upstairs that Garfield sometimes used to seduce new women to the cause, would be daily.
‘Yes Mistress’.
‘After that, you won’t see her again until you are both brought back to be mated again. Do you understand?’ My Mistress’s look now was severe. This was a capital offence matter. I’d heard about Foster. Hadn’t he disobeyed a capital offence order and had his collar lit up? The man had asphyxiated on his own vomit after convulsing for minutes on end.
‘Of course Mistress’ I answered briskly.
I was left the photograph to look at but my cock cage wasn’t removed. Mistress presumably didn’t want me wanking before the coupling. I dressed and looked at the hapless Avril again. Her face was pretty but she hardly looked a confident woman. Her eyes had that vacant, this is all there is look in them. I suspected that the alphas had thought hard about exactly what they bred for.
Mistress returned just before we left and I licked boots for her. I know that she wanted reassurance and my master watched me as I prostrated myself before her. These events, the couplings, were something of an event for alpha folk. After the birth of little princes or princesses they were key moments in the establishment of dynasties. After all, I suppose, if there were alphas then there had to be betas and an adequate supply of them too. Some could be conquested but eventually breeding them would become the norm.
I travelled in the back of the shooting brake, behind the cage divider that you usually associated with gun dogs. I was wearing a new leather collar over the control one with ‘Garfield’s’ picked out in lettering. The pub was busy but Mistress led me up the stairs and into a little living room. I was told to get my cock out and she unlocked the cage. What a sensation that was! Feeling your cock and balls relax. She stroked them, arousing me, to set the tackle for what must be done.
‘Do as you’re told and there won’t be trouble’ she whispered.
I nodded blushing. I felt ashamed of myself.
‘Next door is Mistress Claudette and Avril. You will prostrate yourself before mistress before kissing and coupling. I expect you to lick Avril to arousal first, so that she climaxes hard’.
‘Yes Miss’ I trembled.
The bedroom next door was extensive with wood panelling. There was a four poster bed, one that I could imagine master using to educate women. The room was softly lit by lamps and there was a background music of some kind, a piano playing a nocturne. Avril wasn’t dressed in an apron and sensible skirt now, she was wearing black leather hot pants with a seamed open crotch that was obvious when the young woman stood up. She looked shyly at me and I at her.
Her mistress had dressed her for the occasion and Claudette smiled when she saw me stare at the girl’s attire. Mistresses often wear very tight jeans and high heeled boots. It seems to accent their height, their authority and Mistress Claudette was no different. She had a haughty demeanour and attractive auburn hair. She uncrossed her legs, rose from the ample Chesterfield sofa and came forward, touching my bare genitals, as if to weigh them. The woman’s face was within inches of mine as she felt me. Her look was superior. My mistress went over to Avril and she checked quickly that she was ‘clean’. Then she took from her shoulder bag some unction and teased it into the woman’s pussy. I don’t know what it was, but God, it made me want to fuck the girl! It made me want to fuck myself silly. It was rut grease of some kind.
The mistresses greeted as if they had met at a race meeting or something. There were polite kisses on cheeks, had Amelie seen Toby since that party night!? I dropped to the floor and while Avril watched me I licked the mistresses boots. Sex is everything in this world. Sex is everything that you’ve never known and never understood. Sex is mystical, and arrogant and it registers in your brain in a completely different way. Sex makes bitches out of otherwise nice women. Once they have taken alpha cock, it turns them. Watching me submit to the alpha females seemed to mesmerise Avril too. She took her podgy and not especially carefully manicured fingers down to her sex and displayed her intimacy. Lying back, on the bed, her legs apart, her flabby sex gaped.
‘Wine?’ asked Claudette of her companion and took a crisp white from the wine cooler on the side. They seated themselves crossed legged on the sofa. They clinked their glasses.
‘Sniff and lick first if you please’ said Mistress Claudette imperiously.
I dropped my trousers. I didn’t know if that was allowed, but fucking with my cock through the fly hole struck me as awkward. The rut grease was filling my nose, filling my conscience.
‘Have you put him to a bitch before?’ Claudette wanted to know.
My Mistress smiled and shook her head. She wanted me bred to specific purpose. The discussions regarding Avril, the profiling had gone on a while.
I went to the bed. Avril had undone her blouse and now showed off her bare breasts as if to prove that she had good sucking nipples. They were hard. Either the grease affected her the same way or the idea of being allowed to breed did! I wanted to lick them, to feel the hard nipples flick against my tongue. But mistress had been explicit about this. Kissing and licking happened only between the podgy girl’s thighs.
I glanced back at the mistresses on the sofa. They nodded and without a word to the young woman I eased between her thighs and started to lick. She tasted different to my mistress. Her sex seemed coarser. For one thing there was no gold stud. There was no immaculately fashioned trimming of the lady garden. Avril sprouted in the most copious of ways. The look, it should have put me off. The setting of this act, it should have repulsed me, but the grease was inside my nose and up inside my head. I moaned. God! I needed to fuck.
‘He’s licking very nicely’ said Mistress Claudette sipping her wine.
‘Yes…he does’ said my Mistress, savouring the compliment.
I felt Avril move against my tongue. The twisting and flicking tongue work was having an effect. I could swirl my tongue now, and yes,  there, the young woman started to gyrate the opposite way so the pressure of my tongue teased her fleshy sex. Mistress Claudette took a photo using her mobile phone. My Mistress had warned me about this. It wasn’t just a cruel voyeurism, it was for the breeding book. Records had to be scrupulous.
The more I licked the woman the more I wanted her. It was as if the grease had taken hold of my brain. I wanted to fuck Avril through the bottom of the bed! The smell of her leather hot pants and that generous, lush cunt of hers!
‘Look at his dinky stalk!’ Claudette observed.
My mistress didn’t resist the laugh. It was impossible to do so.
Now Avril reached down to my erection. With two fingers and a thumb she masturbated me as I writhed my face against her sex.
‘Don’t you dare spurt early!’ Mistress Claudette snapped.
My mistress assured her that all would be fine. She sometimes used my cock that way. I was trained to hold until permission had been given. The remark seemed to assure her companion.
‘Couple the proper way please’ said Mistress Avril.
You wonder about that? Well… Only alphas are allowed to couple missionary, face to face, as equals. If a alpha male takes a bitch to make her an alpha he takes her like an animal until she is completely owned. If workers are bred to purpose, they couple like animals.
Avril wanted it. She wanted it. The grease, my dirty tongue, licking and sucking on her swollen flaps, they all had effect. She assumed the position the proper way, her face down hard against the bed, her rear pushed up and her legs spread as wide as the leather pants would allow. I was aching for her. My cock was like a wound up spring, bullet hard and outside that detestable cage. I moaned softly.
Mistress Claudette rose from her seat, handing her wineglass to my mistress. She came over and with perfectly manicured fingers took hold of my cock which was a bit bigger now. She brought the pulsing head of it to Avril’s sex and stroked the glans up and down the slit for a moment or two.
‘Will you breed us servants?’ she asked me.
God! I needed to fuck.
‘Yes Miss’ I answered.
‘Alright then’ she said airily and held my cock head dead centre of Avril’s clenching sex. I drove inside with a mighty gasp.
‘Are you going to Glyndebourne this year? Jennifer says that she will be there, wouldn’t ever miss it’ Mistress Claudette recommenced her social chit chat.
I am lurching, barely steady on my knees and inside pussy for the first time in years. Podgy Avril has a nice tight cunt, perhaps made more so by the carefully designed hot pants. I start to thrust my face creasing, my mouth open as I grab down the breathes. My Mistress is watching me, may be to ensure that I fuck hard and nicely. Avril might have thought a million things, felt a thousand emotions before this moment, but now I know for such she wants it. She wants something, however small, to be allowed to fuck. I felt her sex tighten on my cock.
I am bucking into Avril now, holding her hips and ramming my bare cock inside her.
‘What are you driving now Claudette?’
‘I’ve just picked up a Maserati, its in a midnight blue, really really smart!’
‘That’s lovely, they do such good cabin interiors don’t they?’
I am ramming into the young woman like an animal on heat. the grease has got us both and now it compels us to rut. it compels us to couple, during this the perfect week. I can see Avril’s tits swinging beneath her as I fuck my cock up her. Almost, almost now, my cock is jolting, my balls are tensing, I need to spray and spray inside her.
‘Fucking hell….Amelie!’ I gasp and lock inside the plump young woman. My cock is emptying inside her like the end of a live hosepipe writhing through the soft grass of the lawn. Avril grunts like an animal. She grunts like a pig taking it.
‘Shit!’ I groan, as my semen keeps flowing.
My mistress is staring fixed face at me. Her eyes are hard. She is measuring me but I can’t stop climaxing and the bitch beneath me clenches as she takes it. It feels as if the whole of my lower body is emptying into her.
Mistress Claudette stands. She checks that my balls have stopped jolting sharply upwards and pushes me off her maid. I fall away, my head spinning my cock bouncing around in front of me like a black board pointer. Avril is told to lie with a couple of pillows beneath her buttocks so that all the creamy semen drains down inside to where they want it.
It was then Mistress Claudette who took hold of my hair. she lifted my head up like a coconut suspended beneath its tufted hair and she belted me across the face with her hand. She wore a cocktail ring so a bright red gash opened to the one extremity of my cheek. I felt the blood instantly appear. Another slap came and this time I yelped.
‘Don’t you DARE do that!’ she snapped, fizzing with anger, ‘don’t you dare use your mistress’s name when you are breeding. Don’t you dare to drop the proper term of address!’
I whimpered but she still hit me. Had it not been to their strategy I was sure that she might have kicked me in the crotch. I glanced at my mistress. Fingers hovered over the collar control. She was livid too.
I begged for forgiveness. I pleaded for mercy. Mistress Claudette had her hand raised again.
‘Get down there and show some humility’ said Mistress Claudette, turfing me off the bed and onto the floor before my Mistress. I started to lick her boots. The woman who had once upon a time been my wife watched me. Her boot came up sharply against my mouth and my lip split. I yelped again and licked as best I could. I felt the collar twinge and then a short sharp shock hit me. It was like being tasered.
When I came to, some minutes later, the mistresses were stood above me and Avril waited quietly in the corner.
‘OK darling, that’s enough, ‘ said the auburn haired one, ‘of course he wants to fuck you. We just don’t allow him to voice that. He knows that he will never be allowed to, he’s nasty and common.’ She looked down at me with disdain. You see, you see what I said about a different sexual world. It is so different.
‘I’m going to let Garfield discipline him tonight’ said my mistress.
‘Yes,’ said Mistress Claudette, ‘that’s probably best. But tomorrow here, alright?’
‘Yes’ said my mistress. What I would look like by then I didn’t know.
Lutheran Maid

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