She woke up at 2 am. She lay naked in the upstairs bedroom. It was a hot night and pitch black upstairs. Her husband asleep next to her. He smiled as he was dreaming. She ran her hand to her naked shaved clit rubbing it feeling the sweat mixed with her pussy juices. She put her finger inside herself arching her back as she pleasured herself. She groaned quietly as she slid a hand to her breast rubbing her nipples as she fingered herself. She pulled her finger from her pussy sliding it between her lips tasting her juices and sweat. She sat up and walked to the window she opened the window and stood letting the breeze cool her body down.
She saw a light in the distance. It was getting closer. She squinted her eyes as it got bigger. It hovered out side her window. It was big and silver, small black windows around the top with small jets of steam out the bottom keeping it hovering. The door opened sliding up into the top of the ship. Red lights lit up the walkway as it came out of the machine to her window. A figure appeared at the doorway beckoning her He was tall and skinny her almost looked human. He wore a gown. She stepped out onto the walkway walking up the ramp following the figure. She looked up at the black walls. The figure turned left into a room she followed. It was a blue room with a bed in the middle. It beckoned her to sit. She sat as it stood in front of her. He took of the gown. Its red body. His oval head with one eye in the middle of his head. No ears but a small round mouth. Its slender smooth body. To legs with no knees. His feet had 8 toes on each foot. Between his legs were three which were probably penis’s. She lay back as it grabbed his middle penis sliding it into her pussy thrusting her She groaned as her alien fucked her. He swapped his penises his two spare swinging as one fucked her.
It then pulled out turning her over he slid on penis into her pussy and one up her arse thrusting both holes. The other coming out of his body like a snake into her mouth. She sucked his third penis as the other two fucked her arse. She though it would be uncomfortable but it felt nice. I was like having three men but it was only one.
All of sudden the door to the side opened others walked in and watched. She thought she was going to be raped by them all. They all looked the same. Same height build colour. All had three penises. A door to the other side opened more walked in. They were female Aliens. They had three breasts all the same size and three vaginas between there legs. They stood watching her been fucked. She enjoyed it All of a sudden all three penises cum at the same time filling her three holes with blue slime. It had no taste. She was stood up the slime turning green as it came out of her pussy and arse. The one who fucked her lead her to the door guiding her out of the spaceship back to her room. She climbed back into the window her husband still asleep. She turned back to say good bye but there was nothing there. She shook her head and went to the shower turning it on the get rid of the alien goo. She washed herself but there was nothing there to wash. She tried to decide whether it was a dream she pinched herself. “Ouch” she said getting out drying off. She went down stairs to the kitchen pouring a drink then went to bed.
Next morning her husband was washing the house when he came inside.” There’s some green slime on the roof outside the bedroom window ” He said” Really ” she said.” Those kids next door been throwing that slime around again. Having slime fights with the our kids ” He said” Yes that’s it ” she said to him wondering Did I really get fucked by aliens last night or is it a dream ” she thought.


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My name is Dee. Husband’s name is Raymond. We are loving sharing our sexual experiences as we have had many. We have a open relationship and support each other in our sexual desires and wants and needs we love the opportunity to explore our sexual fantasy and share our experiences. Our Real Sex Stories and True storys and Wife stories are true and actually happened to us. We like to push boundarys. Any other categorys are made up and either our fantasy or from our erotic minds.
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